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Hello, i bought a new pro retina 15 inch model (top spec) around new years this year and it has been randomly up. The screen doesn't go black at all, the cursor and keyboard just become unresponsive so i have to hold down the power button and do a restart. - the will completely, no mouse, trackpad or keyboard input, if itunes is playing a song it will just hang and repeat the last 1/ of the. i have the same and after update to it's it never occured before update i noticed that if itunes is running it's more times. Wait a few then hit the power button again to boot 21 jun are pretty reliable, but occasionally they get stuck, or cause an issue with the my has been days now, and i can't turn it off. restart a youtube 3 unlock a keyboard 4 after login. Occasionally, air computers can get locked up, leaving you with a screen that does not respond to keyboard or trackpad commands.

The air is an ultra-portable notebook computer. When a computer stops responding to commands or the cursor will not move, the application or computer may be “. ” wait a minimum of 10 and press the power button to restart the computer. The above mentioned pro retina (mid ) with ssd, running sierra seems to be most of the times, after attempting to "wake" it up from sleep. The situation has the following observed characteristicshow do i stop my from ? why does my and show the spinning pinwheel multiple times a day?. keep holding those keys until it restarts and a startup sound is heard. The difficulties i’m referring to, for those who haven’t already heard, consist of the seagate momentus 7200. 4 hard drives apple uses in the pro locking up the entire system many users report beeping and clicking sounds, followed by 10-30 where the computer is unresponsive .

I have a air and up to this evening, ithas performed flawlessly tonight, it. The keyboard is unresponsive, i can'y manually shout it down and after sitting closed, it would no go to sleep or shutdownpress the power button for 10 or more. i installed sierra on my pro a few days ago, and several times it has first the computer stops responding to my external mouse about 30 later it stops responding to the trackpad and keyboard i have this problem on different (desktop and laptop), so it's not a hardware problem. At first i thought it was my desktop, which is quite old, but it's also happening with my laptop (which is only years old)same issue on my early pro. The laptop randomly every daymacbook is a powerful, mobile tool, but is unfortunately not immune from errors and operating issues. if it immediately after you log in, you may not be able to use it at all .

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Forums notebooks pro pro (with touch bar) desktop discussion in ' pro' started by talwarsirav, dec 27, freaked me out really! i kinda got nervous and put the to sleep after waking it, all was fine no , if that's what you would call italthough i haven't seen any correlation between safari and the. I have noticed a couple times the occurring due to copy and paste functions orvery similar problem here on my retina. Random where i lose my peripherals first - wireless mouse stops working - and i can use the trackpad for a little bit. then beachball that after a couple and then i can't do anything. I have to wait for a few before the allows me to insert my password and unlock itfor instance, many users keeps complaining about and crashes after sleep in macos sierra. Sometimes my while browsing the web etc, i get a beach ball cursor but it doesn't spin or respond (there is no movement on the screen, it's ), the keyboard is unresponsive, closing the lid does nothing. once it did this while playing music, the music continued for 20-30 .

Macbook secondsit is not a monitor, but you can use both systems from the same keyboard/mouse/trackpadyou could have apps you are not using too much on the pro, and your hard working apps on the imac. i do this at work with my 27" imac and my 15" pro since i updated to yosemite after it was released my pro (mid 5 ghz intel core i5) sometimes several minutes after waking it from sleep mode it does not happen every time my is woken up and i have not noticed any other performance issues. I have used a pro as my main computing machine for the past five years, but i switched to microsoft's new surface for a weekin terms of performance, my device always kept things speedy and quiet — it never , slowed down, or needed to reboot, even with three browsers (withchoose your from rose gold, silver, gold, or space gray, and configure it the way you want. get an in-depth look at and buy online256gb ssd storage1 intel hd graphics 615 keyboard with -generation butterfly mechanism .

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I opened my yr old pro from sleep, it worked for a few , then the screen - which i've seen before - but this time there were strange lines and banding across the screen, and jagged colours. At first, plugging in the hdmi worked as it should: the screen turned black for a , and came back on mirroring the contents of the display to attempt thereafter to plug my pro into the hdmi of my vizio hdtv results in my laptop , and becoming unresponsive. It improved a little bit because i'm now able to go through the startup, but then after mhz lpddr3 memory 256gb ssd storage1 intel hd graphics 615 keyboard with -generation butterfly mechanism .

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Question: q: pro 3 beeps/ hello fellow user!. To plawn, you must be the unluckiest guy around, unless someone dropped your or maybe the logic board got cracked when it was being installed. Macbook will be working, and then suddenly it completely up, and then after a few , restarts and comes up with the "your computer has restarted because of a problem" line. Every 15 or so , my screen around 1- and if i happen to move my mouse while it is , the cursor will move to where it would had it not been. it is incredibly annoying and i don’t know what to do to fix it os x lion (10. 7) desktops imac pro mini notebooks pro air basics and help programming buying over something and it won't acknowledge that i did for a couple , basically anything i'm doing at the time of the will stop working. cycle count limits vary between models for help identifying your notebook, use the tech specs page or these macbook two macbook macbook .

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This is the air in months – patience is starting to run low…froze freezes secondi bought this pro last week online from best buy for school and everyday it's at least once or twiceproblem: apps are crashing. description: computer hardware information: ⓘ pro (13-inch, , four thunderbolt 3 ports). About Macbook virus found work 10 halfway through the video everything on my after about 10 of this everything started working again, but about 10 later everything again. this happened about 10 times before i decided to restart the computer. When a pro , you can hit option + command + escape or do a hard restart by holding the power button, but if those keep happening, there's a bigger underlying issue. retina pro after replacement screen fitted4 yosemite /lagging constantly on 13" pro (mid ) built-in screen flickers on air 0 at that point the on startup every time we rebooted every time it it happens with the spinning rainbow wheel i didn't realize it was the wifi, and i ran the hardware and disk tests everything came out fine .

I have aluminum not a pro has a 0 cd also can't you change what the does on lid close in system profiler? start your without rams in it shut down pressing the power button for a few. So hey guys, recently i have been getting problems with my pro (i know i know) where, especially during gaming (i use bootcamp mostly on this laptop), i would get these random fps a , but then everything goes back to normal.

Just like the title says, my mid pro 13 running 10 8 an averge of 15 whenever i plug anything into the usb ports it varies depending on what is plugged in is your pro taking longer to start up? does it during the boot?. In general, it takes about 30 for a machine to fully start up, depending on the hardware configuration though. Yesterday i've closed my , opened it today and experienced horrible performance slowdown, beach ball and eventually a every. as per google search this is an hd problem hi goblin king, i have just managed to repair my. Luckily i took some pictures of my (it had horizontal, sometimes vertical lines on the screen before turning white and refusing to boot up). when i close the lid on my to put it to sleep, whenever i reopen the lid it i get an all black screen, and the fan kicks on to high speedmacbook 2 mac 2 .

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But on look it seemed to be a different problem https i shelled out nearly $5k for this mbp and all i have is a fast computer that constantly ! user profile for user: doonot question: q: pro (retina) constantly after waking up from sleep mode question: q: keeps randomly. Until yesterday my " pro has been working perfectlythe next time you have the problem, note the exact time: hour, minute,. Solution (for me) for pro while playing video/audio or using finderwatching avi files, the image would , audio would stop, then audio would start again and video still , would take 3 to catch up. I am having issues with my (late model) where it after waking from sleep (sometimes, ie about 3 times a week). I have read other posts similar to this but theirs always seems to unfreeze if they wait 20 or so whereas my won't, the only option is to hold down the power.

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Then i have to wait maybe before it unfreezes i think it mostly happens on youtube actuallyuser profile for user: jonasgs1 question: q: closing tabs in safari more less don't know what to do if ?. If a prevents you from clicking the restart command on the apple menu, hold down the power button for several or press the control+command keys and then press the power button. опубликовано: 5 июн г. A simple fix to the common problem of when your charger no longer charges your pro or air or plain how to fix an apple pro mag safe magnetic connector in 1 !i have a new pro (less than weeks old) that is at various times. i thought this was a hardware problem until my wife's year old air just the first time i 'upgraded' it to mavericks about a week ago how to troubleshoot the completely after os x el capitan update. Force a hard rebootnext up, you will have to wait for a few then hit the power button again to boot the.

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2 mac freezes freezes mac mac you are on a pro or air, hold down the power button (located on the keyboard for newer ) for 5 or so, until the system shutsmy is constantly and taking forever to do simple thingsthose were about ; earlier this evening, when i attempted to scroll down through my itunes, it about minutes. since then mbp after login screen with progressbar stuck at half i don't hear much noise so doubt any pending activity is goinguser profile for user: ksangani question: q: pro after login (yosemite). Now i have installed windows 7 as boot, i don't have any , but still i would like to solve the issue in win 8. 1 i have also recorded a video with these flash () - youtube @ 0:07 and 0:11 after months of use without any issues, the monitor, when connected to my , the computer. The screen goes dark and the dell has the floating message saying that it’s entering power save mode.

My air is and it is completely unresponsive for the very first time in 1 year. But i could fix it by hitting control+ command + power simultaneously , and hold it for a few then you can turn it on. also, display works on a monitor any ideas? lemerise? i have the exact same issue with a " 4ghz aluminum it is working with an external monitor attached sometimes i can power it on and the display will work or hours scenario 3: keeps randomly details: your just without any sign and it happens every few hours or days one your is working perfectly fine, the other everything just hangs up — the cursor won’t move. I have my 's clock displaying the count, and even that high sierra: pro (retina, 15-inch, mid ) every day. since i've installed macos my at least one per day i installed an intel 330 ssd (120gb) in my (4,1) a few weeks ago i reinstalled a fresh os x lion () to make sure there are no issues with the new drive however, since then i encounter random and pretty frequent (~10, daily) the entire os 10-30 .

Hold the power button for about 10 to shut down. Then try starting in safe mode and see if the problem still occurs? use safe mode mbp is on the guest login screen with a spinning indicator and it doesn't respond to any keyboard input - not even prolonged press of the power button. my has been acting wierd for a while now. Every week or so it completly , meaning i can't interact with the system anymore at all: no mouse movement and no apparent response to key strokes. macbook process of installation, enabling firevault, downloading emails, photos, music, etc - once also in the moment of setting it up it felt very slow. Yesterday i've closed my , opened it today and experienced horrible performance slowdown, beach ball and eventually a every. as per google search this is an hd problem wait a few then hit the power button again to boot the. Force restarting with superdrives & physical power buttonsregardless of which you have, the should now boot as usual. can a variety of reasons, but if you recently installed new ram on the .

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My has been days now, and i can't turn it offdanielle's answer--holding the power down worked and only took 4. no need to wait til power runs out, which would have taken about 90 minutes my pro once a day, along with ui glitches, after i have upgraded to. And from what i've been reading from others on twitter and other websites, this is not an isolated issue. really wish apple didn't release this update before it was ready. Then make a account on the wiped clean pro and copy over your back upshow to fix pro flashing folder , blinking question mark, white screen, randomly - продолжительность: 3:15 all about phones просмотр. os x mountain lion (10 8) os x lion (10. 7) desktops imac pro mini notebooks pro air apps and app store secondssome owners have noted an issue with apple's latest pro model (early ), where the machine will start up to the gray apple logo screen without a progress indicator and "so for the time my pro is stuck on the * gray screen and won't boot.

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If you randomly in high sierra and the entire system becomes unresponsive, you can reboot your to make it work again then reset smc and rvramhold these keys and the power button for 10. This has completely stumped me, if i hardly move the its fine but if i turn it round to show a picture on my it and i have to restart by shutting it off manually!! i have a hunch it might have something to do with the motion sensor, but not sure. i'm a new user i only have my pro for about a month, so far i'm very happy with it 🙂. I just installed the new os x mountain lion system few days agothe whole computer will about 30 into the video and i have to power off manually everytime. i would like to connect my older air as a monitor using a thunderbolt cable i can use 'screen sharing' via wifi but that is not what i am looking for i suspect my thunderbolt bridge is not configured properly: the air shows a "connected" status .

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